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13th TDF: EDN Award Ceremony (3/19/2011)


The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival director, Dimitris Eipides, was this year’s recipient of the European Documentary Network (EDN) award, presented annually to honor individuals and organizations from Europe with noted contributions to the documentary genre. The award ceremony took place on Friday, March 18, 2011 at the Excelsior hall of the Electra Palace hotel.

“Dimitris Eipides has made a unique contribution to the documentary genre. We are familiar with the work he had done all these years at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and we are happy to see the fulfillment of his vision for the event”, said EDN director Hanne Skjodt. “Since 1999, the TDF has given new life to the documentary genre in Greece and at the same time it has offered both Greeks and foreign visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with a variety of many good films from around the world. Mr. Eipides’ tireless efforts have established the TDF, attracting, along with the excellent Doc Market, over 45,000 viewers. During hard times such these, many bend, but Dimitris Eipides moves forward and always tries for the better. It would even be fair to say that Dimitris Eipides strives harder every day, when many Greeks prefer to retire. For all these reasons, we are happy to present the EDN award to Mr. Eipides”.

Noticeably delighted, Mr. Eipides said in his short acceptance speech: “Many thanks to all of you. We have accomplished a lot together. Let us drink to the EDN and its continued success”.



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