The Doc Market will present for the sixth consecutive year the Docs in Progress section: 12 projects from Central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region participate in closed sessions for Thessaloniki’s invited industry professionals, sales agents, distributors, producers and festival representatives. The participants will present and screen 6-8 minutes from their projects, aiming towards securing coproduction deals, funds for project completion, as well as deals for presales and distribution. 2|35 Inc Post-Production House offers for the third time an award of up to 15.000 euro in post-production services. In addition, the MuSou award for music and sound services, amounting up to 6.500 euro, will be presented for the first time.

The international Docs in Progress jury consists of:

Yuri Averof, producer, Anemon Productions, Greece
Monika Mikušova, programme acquisitions, RTV Slovakia, Slovakia
Francis Kandel, programme acquisitions, Canal +, France

The projects are:


Director: Stratis Chatzielenoudas Production Company: Real Eyes Productions
Producers: Ioanna Petinaraki, Giannis Sotiropoulos
Country of production: Greece
Director: Hamed Zolfaghari, Production Company: Crazy Woodpecker Film Studio
Producers: Hamed Zolfaghari, Nina Amin Zadeh
Country of production: Iran
The Champion
Director: Giordano Bianchi, Martina Marafatto, Production Company: Border Studio S.C.
Producer: Paola Sponda, Co-producer: Tanja Gruden
Country of production: Italy, Slovenia
Days and Nights with Dimitra K.
Director: Eva Stefani, Production Company: Neda Film
Producer: Amanda Livanou, Co-producer: ERT S.A
Country of production: Greece
Europe, the Dream
Director: Anneta Papathanassiou, Angelos Kovotsos, Production Company: Topcut Modiano
Producer: Mikes Sam Modiano, Co-producer: Arash Riahi –Golden Girls
Country of production: Greece
Fixing Morgan
Director: Cecilia Bandeira, Production Company: Vila do Cinema
Producer: Marianna Vas
Countries of production: Hungary, Portugal, Belgium
The Forbidden Aunt
Director: Bojana Novakovic, Production Company: SENSE Production
Producer: Milan Stojanovic
Country of production: Serbia
Kiruna 2.0
Director: Greta Stocklassa, Production Company: Analog Vision s.r.o.
Producer: Veronika Kührová, Michal Kráčmer, Co-producer: Ondřej Šejnoha
Country of production: Czech Republic
Mataroa. The Journey Goes on...
Director: Andreas Siadimas, Production Company: Dangerous Productions
Producer: Andreas Siadimas, Co-producer: ERT S.A
Country of production: Greece
Sounds of Kibera
Director: Luis Lanchares, Production Company: Ringo Media
Producer: Mireia Graell
Country of production: Spain
Working in Progress
Director: Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley, Production Company: Rumur
Producer: Michael Galinsky, Co-producer: Efi Papazahariou - Argonauts Productions
Countries of production: USA, Greece
Out of Competition
Happy Princes
Director: Panos Deligiannis, Production Company: Oxymoron Films
Producer:  Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Co-producers: Ernst Fassbender (Fassb Films), Greek Film Center, ERT S.A, Foss Productions, Greece