Electra Palace Hotel, Byzantium hall March 13-19, daily 10:00-20:00

The Thessaloniki International Doc Market is an independent event, taking place in Thessaloniki, in parallel to the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, and mainly designed for people in the professional audiovisual industry from around the world. Every year it welcomes a large number of TV buyers, distributors, commissioning editors and international festivals’ representatives. Special emphasis is placed on presenting the most representative and innovative tendencies in filmmaking, and focusing on small company productions from European countries, without loosing its grip on the new independent international film production.
Having entered its 18th year, the Doc market of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century can pride itself on the course it has pursued so far. An inseparable and invaluable part of the Festival, the market may have started out as a Balkan market, hosting buyers and films from the Balkans, but it has now become established as a locus where filmmakers from all over the world meet with representatives of TV channels (mostly European, but also American and Asian), with a view to promote and sell their films. With each passing year attendance has increased, proving that Thessaloniki has secured its place as a crossroad for worldwide cultural and commercial transactions.The market’s primary goal is, of course, to sell the rights of documentaries for airing by TV channels, but that doesn’t mean that distribution to film theaters or screenings at other Festivals are not an option. However, since documentary film distribution is, generally speaking, limited, and because another chief purpose of the Festival’s is to communicate with its audience, the market functions mainly as a bridge, connecting the cinematic product, which is the documentary, to the powerful medium of television. Thus, the market is rendered especially crucial in terms of the dissemination of the genre. And, obviously, the support and promotion of Greek documentaries to nearby or faraway destinations is number one on our list of priorities. Proof of the market’s success is the fact that there are more films and more buyers participating this year than ever before. There are more than 490 documentaries making up the market’s offerings, while interested buyers are more than 60. The Doc market is fully Digital. Buyers are able to watch documentaries without the use of DVDs; all films are easily accessible from the “digital library” in each of the booths. Even though the results of such an event are not immediately felt, if we had to make certain predictions we might quote some numbers from the past. In and of itself, 25% of the total number of films that is sold through the market is considered extremely successful. And if one takes into account the fact that only about 1/4 of the films that form part of the market belong to the Festival program, then one can easily conceive the breadth and the potential of the market. It is our hope that, this year, even more documentaries will find their way to a television or cinema screen and will succeed in reaching the audience that seeks them out.
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EDN Docs in Thessaloniki Masterclass
Market Talks
EDN Docs in Thessaloniki - Pitching Forum 2016

Docs in Progress

The Docs in Progress segment is the newest addition to the Thessaloniki Doc Market. It gives the opportunity to directors and producers from Central Europe and the Balkan and Mediterranean regions to present their documentary films to buyers, co-producers, festival representatives and sales agents at the stage just before completion.

Amal / Mohamed Siam, Egypt-Germany
Beirut, la vie en rose / Èric Motjer, Spain-Lebanon
Fifteen (working title) / Zacharias Mavroeidis, Greece
Foam Dream / Elena Molina Merino, Spain
In Situ / Akis Kersanidis & Chryssa Tzelepi, Greece
Lift Like a Girl (working title) / Amrosh Badr, Egypt-Germany
The Mayor of Nowhere / Tonislav Hristov, Finland-Bulgaria-Germany
Shingal, Where Are You? / Angelos Rallis & Hans-Ulrich Gössl, Greece-Belgium-Austria
Silk Railroad / Martin DiCicco, USA-Georgia-Qatar
Straying in Athens (working title) / Angeliki Antoniou, Greece-Germany
Structural Adjustments / Wolfgang Reinke, Germany
Together, Against All Odds / Angélique Kourounis, Kosovo-Cyprus-Israel


2|35 Post Production house will give an award (up to €15,000 in kind services) to the best project of the Docs in Progress.

The members of the jury are: Pamela Martinez (Boulder Creek Int., UK), Miriam Carbe (ZDF/Arte, Germany), Nikki Heyman (POV, USA).

Strictly for Doc Market accredited guests