Alexandru Solomon

Alexandru Solomon is one of the most prominent Romanian documentary filmmakers of our times, thanks to the artistic and professional skill with which he narrates stories from his country’s past and present. His films blend different film genres and use visual and experimental techniques in order to reflect on Romania’s historical and contemporary social reality, establishing a distinctive personal style and attracting the interest of international co-producers.
Solomon approaches history and social memory with curiosity and an edgy, probing spirit: he listens to his subjects and tries to understand them, he reveals contradictions, he revises our certainties and perceptions of the past and, in the end, he reveals the chasm between official discourse and individual memory. In The Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004), he reconstructs the case of a real robbery, in order to show how it was transformed into propaganda. In Clara B. (2006), he puts together, through photographs and archival material, the imaginary life of a woman-photographer who was ahead of her time. Finally, in Cold Waves (2007), he talks about propaganda and the role of Radio Free Europe in Romanian society during the Cold War in the ’50s.
The recording of contemporary Romanian reality and the values prevalent in the socio-political transition of the country after the fall of Communism in 1989 is especially perceptive. In Apocalypse on Wheels (2008), he comments on the consequences of consumerism, after decades of communist deprivation, using the driving habits of his fellow citizens as a metaphor for the state their society is in. In Capitalism – Our Improved Formula (2010), he identifies the Ceauşescu regime as the origin of present-day corruption in Romania and focuses on the arrogance of the new millionaires (most of whom are former secret agents), a result of the protection they are afforded by the system.
​With his work, Alexandru Solomon has managed to give new impetus to documentary filmmaking in his country and to put the Romanian documentary on the international film map. The screening of his most influential documentaries in Thessaloniki is a first class opportunity for the Festival’s audiences to acquaint themselves with this important film director.
Dimitris Kerkinos

1.  Apocalypse on Wheels / Alexandru Solomon, Romania
2.  Capitalism – Our Improved Formula / Alexandru Solomon, Romania-France-Belgium
3.  Clara B. / Alexandru Solomon, France
4.  Cold Waves / Alexandru Solomon, Romania-Germany-Luxemburg
5.  The Great Communist Bank Robbery / Alexandru Solomon, France-Romania