Yorgos Avgeropoulos

2009 Gaza We Are Coming
2009 Life for Sale
2011 The Argentina Experiment
2011 Stealing from the Poor
2012 Mida’s Effect
2012 Exandas: Cassandra’s Treasure
2013 El Sistema – Saving Lives
2013 People & Numbers
2014 The Lost Signal of Democracy
2015 Agora – From Democracy to the Market

Greek Panorama

Agora – From Democracy to the Market / Yorgos Avgeropoulos

​Greece is enduring social conditions that no one in post-war Europe thought they would ever face again. The dream of prosperity has turned into a nightmare and the political scene of the last four decades has been turned on its head. After 13 years of documenting timely issues around the world, Yorgos Avgeropoulos urgently turns his camera on his homeland. He documents the development of the crisis since its early stages, while tracing its impact on the lives of ordinary people whom he observes over time. He witnesses the development of solidarity movements, as well as the rise of fascism, while at the same time he seeks answers from his country’s most significant political figures, from insiders, analysts and key decision makers from the international political scene.

Director:Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Script:Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Cinematography:Yannis Avgeropoulos, Vassilis Mourikis
Editing:Vassilis mangos, Thodoris Popescu
Music:Yannis Paxevanis
Producer:Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Anastassia Skoubri
Production:Small Planet
Co-producers:Jutta Krug Rawan Damen damenr@aljazeera. net
Co-production:WDR Fernsehen, Al Jazeera Media Network
Narration:Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Format:DCP Color-B&W
Production Country:Greece-Germany-Qatar
Production Year:2015
World Sales:Visible Film, Belgium Thierry Detaille Τ. +32 2 2569 601
Distribution in Greece:Small Planet, Greece T. +30 210 9512 295
Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Thomais Papaioannou, Marina Demertzian, Georgia Anagnou, Andres Vagias
Screening Schedule
TONIA MARKETAKI:Friday, March 20, 2015 - 22:30 | ID:737
PAVLOS ZANNAS:Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 15:00 | ID:824