Music & Dance

​A much loved and very popular segment of the program of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century is the one devoted to Music & Dance. New trends in music and dance, biographies of known and unknown artists, retro spectives of different musical genres and analyses of performances, as well as concerts, chart the international music and dance scene and each year invite the audience to discover it.

1.  Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq / Nancy Buirski, USA
2.  Around the World in 50 Concerts / Heddy Honigmann, The Netherlands
3.  Between Dog and Wolf / Matt Reid, UK
4.  Castle Clash / Arsen Oremovic, Croatia
5.  Conquering China / Johan Jonason, Sweden
6.  Dancing with Maria / Ivan Gergolet, Italy-Argentina-Slovenia
7.  Hip Hop-eration / Bryn Evans, New Zealand