Human Rights

​This segment’s films shed light on the violation of human rights and raise questions on vital issues such as freedom of speech, the status of women in contemporary society, the right to different political and religious convictions, etc.

1.  A Place for Everyone / Angelos Rallis, Hans Ulrich Gοessl, Belgium-Greece-Austria-Rwanda
2.  I am FEMEN / Alain Margot, Switzerland
3.  Limbo / Mateo Calore, Gustav Hofer, Italy
4.  Limited Partnership / Thomas G. Miller, USA
5.  Milad – Μy Planet... / Menelaos Karamaghiolis, Greece
6.  Portraits of a Search / Alicia Calderon Tores, Mexico
7.  Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait / Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan, France-Syria
8.  The Storm Makers / Guillaume Suon, France-Cambodia
9.  Those Who Feel the Fire Burning / Morgan Knibbe, The Netherlands
10.  To Russia with Love / Noam Gonick, USA-Canada
11.  We Are Journalists / Ahmad Jalali Farahani, Denmark
12.  Xenos / Mahdi Fleifel, UK-Greece-Denmark