​In recent years, people’s environmental awareness has begun to awaken, as the calamitous effects of the destruction of our ecosystem have brought us face to face with a harsh reality: nature’s capacity for rebirth is not infinite. The protection of the environment and the need to get back to Nature should be of concern to all.

1.  A Nuclear Story / Matteo Gagliardi, Italy
2.  After us, Only the Burnt earth / Delphine Fedoroff, Belgium
3.  Cechanok / Maziyar Moshtagh Gohari, Iran-UAE
4.  Ecocide – Voices from Paradise / Juliet Brown, UK-USA
5.  Good Things Await / Phie Ambo, Denmark
6.  In the Nest of Time / Alexandros Papailiou, Greece
7.  Just Eat It: A Food Waste story / Grant Baldwin, Canada
8.  Komorebitachi / Sophie Perrier, Masanori Omori, Switzerland-Japan
9.  Leaving is Living / Laura Maragoudaki, Greece
10.  See No Evil / Jos De Putter, The Netherlands
11.  Single Stream / Pawel Wojtasik, Toby Lee, Ernst Karel, USA
12.  The Chimpanzee Complex / Marc Schmidt, The Netherlands
13.  ThuleTuvalu / Matthias Von Gunten, Switzerland
14.  Virunga / Orlando von Εinsiedel, UK