​​The films that comprise this section put human society under the microscope in order to explore and reveal every one of its aspects. multifaceted social issues, always examined through an anthropocentric view, sensitize and motivate the audience, aspiring to an alternative and more insightful way of seeing.

1.  Crisis Document. A Survival Guide / Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, Marta Dauliute, Sweden
2.  Dreamcatcher / Kim Longinotto, UK
3.  I Am Kuba / Ase Svenheim Drivenes, Norway-Germany-Poland
4.  Ikaria / Arnaud Gaillard, France
5.  Poverty inc. / Michael Matheson Miller, Haiti-Rwanda- Kenya-Ghana-USA-UK et al. (20 countries in total)
6.  Putin is Back / Jean-Michel Carre, France-Belgium
7.  Raiders / Alexander Gentelev, Germany-Israel
8.  Rules of the Game / Claudine Bories, Patrice Chagnard, France
9.  Something Better to Come / Hanna Polak, Denmark-Poland
10.  The Fish on the Mountain / Stratoula Theodoratou, Greece
11.  The Homestretch / Anne de Mare, Kirsten Kelly, USA
12.  The Limb of Morocco / Bruno Rocchi, Italy
13.  The New Plastic Road / Angelos Tsaousis, Myrto Papadopoulos, Greece-Germany
14.  The Pawn / Jean-Cosme Delaloye, Switzerland
15.  The Shelter / Fernand Melgar, Switzerland