Views of the World

This segment consists mainly of films concerned with contemporary issues of social and historical import –subjects dealing with the human experience as it is shaped by social and political conditions. Filmmakers from every corner of the globe contribute their viewpoint on the reality which surrounds and affects them, creating a multicultural mosaic of opinions, experiences and denouncements. As a whole, these films invite the viewer to embrace all aspects of the world and to accept them as an integral part of his/her own reality.

1.  35 Cows and a Kalashnikov / Oswald von Richthofen
2.  Brother of Mine / Rodrigo Vazquez, UK-Bolivia
3.  I Αm Ηere / Lixin Fan, China
4.  Kings of the Wind & Electric Queens / Gaspard Kuentz, Cedric Dupire, France
5.  Mother of the Unborn / Nadine Salib, Egypt-UAE
6.  Sounds of the Soul / Robin Dimet, Russia-France
7.  The Queen of Silence / Agnieszka Zwiefka, Germany-Poland