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Vassilis Loules

1990 Absent (short fiction)
1993 The American (short fiction)
1996 The Mountains of Meteora and Pindos, a Journey
1999 Eleusis: Stories in the Echo of Machines (short)
2000 A Bright Shining Sun (short fiction)
2005 Lela Karayannis, the Fragrance of a Heroine (short)
2012 Kisses to the Children
2013 And I also passed by there and had paper shoes to wear
2013 The Noose (short)

Greek Panorama

The Noose / Vassilis Loules

In 1969, Theo Angelopoulos shot his first feature film Reconstruction in the village of Monodendri in Ioannina. In the summer of 2013, Lefteris Rizos, a permanent resident of the village who was an extra in this important film, talks about the noose that was slipped round his neck to serve the needs of the script. A brief existential comment. The noose in the film, the morality of its heroes, Lefteris’s life with the film crew, the experience that marked him, the comments on his own personal life and ethics, the friends who have passed – everything now acquires a different meaning for him as he looks back with the wisdom, the bitterness and the humor of his 92 years.

Director:Vassilis Loules
Script:Vassilis Loules, Students of the 7th ANIMART 2013 Documentary Workshop
Cinematography:Irene Androulaki, Vassilena Mitsiadi
Editing:Dimitris Savvaidis, Chronis Theocharis
Sound:Students of the 7th ANIMART 2013 Documentary Workshop
Producer:Vassilis Loules
Co-production:ART/European Animation Center
Format:DigiBeta Color-B&W
Production Country:Greece
Production Year:2013
World Sales:Vassilis Loules Greece ART/European Animation Center
Screening Schedule
PAVLOS ZANNAS:Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 20:00 | ID:126
OLYMPION:Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 13:00 | ID:413
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