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The films that comprise this section put human society under the microscope in order to explore and reveal every one of its aspects. multifaceted social issues, always examined through an anthropocentric view, sensitize and motivate the audience, aspiring to an alternative and more insightful way of seeing.

1.  American Commune / Nadine Mundo, Rena Mundo Croshere, USA
2.  At the Pharmacy / Myrna Tsapa, Greece
3.  Bastards / Deborah Perkin, UK
4.  Dreaming of a Family / Mira Jargil, Denmark
5.  Dreaming of Democracy / Morteza Jafari, Greece
6.  Four Letters Apart – Children in the Age of ADHD / Erlend E. Mo, Denmark
7.  Hometown / Mutonia / Zimmerfrei Collective, Italy
8.  Hope on the Line / Alexandros Papanikolaou, Emily Yannoukou, Greece-France
9.  House of Light / Navina Khatib, Alexandra Weltz, Germany
10.  I Learn America / Jean-Michel Dissard, Gitte Peng, USA
11.  Master of the Universe / Marc Bauder, Austria-Germany
12.  On the Edge of the World / Claus Drexel, France
13.  The Condemned / Nick Read, UK-Russia
14.  The Godmother / Stelios Kouloglou, Greece
15.  The Lost Signal of Democracy / Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Greece
16.  The Other Human / Stathis Galazoulas, Greece
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