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In recent years, people’s environmental awareness has begun to awaken, as the calamitous effects of the destruction of our ecosystem have brought us face to face with a harsh reality: nature’s capacity for rebirth is not infinite. The protection of the environment and the need to get back to Nature should be of concern to all. 

1.  Braddock America / Jean Loic Portron, Gabriella Kessler, France
2.  Emptying the skies / Douglas Kass, Roger Kass, USA
3.  It’s Better to Jump / Patrick Stewart, Mouna Stewart, Gina Angelone, Israel-USA
4.  Journey to the Safest Place on Earth / Edgar Hagen, Switzerland
5.  Olga – To My Friends / Paul-Anders Simma, Finland-Norway-Sweden
6.  Pipeline / Vitaly Mansky, Russia-Czech Republic- Germany
7.  Salt Flats / Ira Dika, Yorgos Savoglou, Greece
8.  The Laxa Farmers / Grimur Hakonarson, Iceland
9.  White Earth / J. Christian Jensen, USA
10.  Winter / Cristina Picchι, Russia
11.  Women and Water / Nocem Collado, Spain
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