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Recordings Of Memory

The films of the Recordings of Memorysegment deal with events and people who have played a significant role in the shaping of contemporary reality, and are a living part of history. A selection of daring and diverse cinematic approaches to the always hazardous and demanding process that is the creation of a historical documentary, thus offering a multifaceted portrait of history. The main focus of the segment’s films is the broadening  of  personal  and  collective  memory,  and  the understanding of the past and, therefore, the present.

1.  Affection to the People / Vassilis Douvlis, Greece
2.  Harvest of Empire / Peter Getzels, Eduardo Lopez
3.  Heritages / Philippe Aractingi, Lebanon-France-Switzerland
4.  In the Dark Room / Nadav Schirman, Germany-Israel-Finland-Romania-Italy
5.  Kalavryta – People and Shadows / Elias Yannakakis, Greece
6.  Life Sentences / Nurit Kedar, Yaron Shani, Israel
7.  Our Man in Tehran / Larry Weinstein, Drew Taylor, Canada
8.  Palikari (Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre) / Nikolaos Ventouras, Greece
9.  The Kalusz I Thought I Knew / Bernard Dichek, Israel-Ukraine
10.  The Last of the Unjust / Claude Lanzmann, France-Austria
11.  The Missing Picture / Rithy Panh, France-Cambodia
12.  The Unknown Known / Errol Morris, USA
13.  Thunder Run on Baghdad / Jean-Pierre Krief, France
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