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Views of the World

This segment consists mainly of films concerned with contemporary issues of social and historical import – subjects dealing with the human experience as it is shaped by social and political conditions. Filmmakers from every corner of the globe contribute their viewpoint on the reality which surrounds and affects them, creating a multicultural mosaic of opinions, experiences and denouncements. As a whole, these films invite the viewer to embrace all aspects of the world and to accept them as an integral part of his/her own reality.

1.  A Place at the Table / Kristi Jacobson, Lori Silverbush, USA
2.  ADESPOTA, Stray Dogs in the Heart of Athens / Ilya Chorafas, Greece-France
3.  Blood Brother / Steve Hoover, USA
4.  Griot / Volker Goetze, Senegal-USA-Germany
5.  Mama Coca / Suzan Sekerci, Colombia-Germany
6.  Sofia’s Last Ambulance / Ilian Metev, Bulgaria-Croatia-Germany
7.  Spectators / Roger Villarroya, Spain
8.  Sweet Dreams / Rob Fruchtman, Lisa Fruchtman, USA
9.  The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki / Xavier Lefebvre, France
10.  The Bella Vista / Alicia Cano, Uruguay-Germany
11.  The Creators / Laura Gamse, Jacques de Villiers, South Africa-USA
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