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15 Years Documentary Festival - A Fascinating Journey

A retrospective marking the 15 years of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival can only be in the form of a summary. For how can one fit so many films, so many conferences and masterclasses, so many guests, so many parties – so many memories, in other words – in just a few lines? Each one of the Festival’s editions stands alone, as a living, breathing life collage, rich with emotions, experiences, social and existential questions, empathy and spiritual elation. Our tribute entitled “A Fascinating Journey” does not refer to the Festival’s best editions or best moments. In our hearts, each Festival is the best one. Our aim was rather to seek out and bring to mind of some of the documentaries that were especially discussed and loved by audiences; documentaries that followed developments or revaled hidden aspects of our daily lives; documentaries that caused a reaction; documentaries that moved or inspired us. This is a selection of films which we have been unable to forget; films which drew the public to the Festival; films which gave shape to the Festival’s character, ethos and role. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these documentaries are responsible for the boom of the documentary genre, its renewal, its release from past constraints and its elevation as the main form of expression of the human experience. One could say, then, that this 36-film tribute is our own summary of the fascinating journey the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has been taking us on all these years. We hope you enjoy the view!
Dimitri Eipides

1.  39 Pounds of Love / Dani Menkin, Israel, USA
2.  A Lion in the House / Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert, USA
3.  Autumn Gold / Jan Tenhaven, Germany-Austria
4.  Babies Made in India / Stephanie Lebrun, Philippe Levasseur, India
5.  Battu’s Bioscope / Andrzej Fidyk, Poland-Germany-France
6.  Capturing the Friedmans / Andrew Jarecki, USA
7.  Die Standing Up / Jacaranda Correa, Mexico
8.  Docville – 99 Laskareos St., Athens / Katerina Patroni, Greece
9.  Gaea Girls / Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams, UK
10.  Gray Matter / Joe Berlinger, USA
11.  In Search for the Papin Sisters / Claude Ventura, France
12.  Last Train Home / Lixin Fan, Canada
13.  Love and Diane / Jennifer Dworkin, France-USA
14.  Lucky People Center International / Erik Pauser, Johan Soederberg, Sweden
15.  Marcela / Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic
16.  Missing Allen / Christian Bauer, Germany
17.  My Flesh and Blood / Jonathan Karsh, USA
18.  Nine Good Teeth / Alex Halpern, USA
19.  Nostalgia for the Light / Patricio Guzman, Chile-France-Spain-Germany
20.  One Lucky Elephant / Lisa Leeman, USA
21.  Prodigal Sons / Kimberly Reed, USA
22.  Regret to Inform / Barbara Sonneborn, USA
23.  Sayome / Nikos Dayandas, Greece
24.  She’s a Boy I Knew / Gwen Haworth, Canada
25.  Sister Helen / Rebecca Cammisa, Rob Fruchtman, USA
26.  Smiling in a War Zone – And the Art of Flying in Kabul / Magnus Bejmar, Simone Aaberg Kærn, Denmark-Sweden-Germany- Finland
27.  Sugar Town – The Bridegrooms / Kimon Tsakiris, Greece
28.  The Ambassador / Mads Brügger, Denmark
29.  The Corporation / Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, Canada
30.  The Game Must Go On / Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas, Greece
31.  The Lovers from Axos / Nicos Ligouris, Greece-Germany
32.  The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun / Pernille Rose Gronkjær, Denmark
33.  The Story of the Weeping Camel / Byambasuren Davaa, Luigi Falorni, Germany-Mongolia
34.  Vivan las antipodas! / Victor Kossakovsky, Germany-The Netherlands Argentina-Chile
35.  Which Way Home / Rebecca Cammisa, USA
36.  Τhe Staircase / Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
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