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Human Rights

This segment’s films shed light on the violation of human rights and raise questions on vital issues such as freedom of speech, the status of women in contemporary society, the right to different political and religious convictions, etc.

1.  Back to the Square / Petr Lom, Norway-Canada
2.  Blush of Fruit / Jakeb Anhvũ, Australia
3.  Call Me Kuchu / Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall, USA
4.  Europe Trap / Anna Giralt Gris, Spain-Greece
5.  Forbidden Voices / Barbara Miller, Ελβετία
6.  In the Shadow of the Sun / Harry Freeland, UK-Tanzania
7.  No Burqas Behind Bars / Nima Sarvestani, Sweden
8.  Nowhere Home / Margreth Olin, Norway-Sweden
9.  The Black Saint / Antonio Bellia, Ιταλία
10.  The Defector: Escape from North Korea / Ann Shin, Canada-South Korea-China- Thailand
11.  The High Price of Gold / Ross Domoney, Democratic Republic of Congo-UK
12.  The Human Cargo / Daniele Vicari, Italy
13.  Tomorrow’s Land – How We Decided to Tear Down the Invisible Wall / Andrea Paco Mariani, Nicola Zambelli, Italy
14.  White Night / Irit Gal, Israel
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