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Stories To Tell

Everyday, personal stories that stand out for their unique subject matter and the way in which they have been filmed. The humanity that springs from difficult or unusual circumstances permeates the films of the Stories to Tell segment.

1.  A Normal Life / Mikala Krogh, Denmark
2.  Anatomy οf a Murder / Joop Van Wijk, The Netherlands
3.  Beyond Wriezen / Daniel Abma, Germany
4.  Chronicle of a Forgotten Death / Pierre Morath, Switzerland
5.  Clowns / Yves Riou, Philippe Pouchain, France
6.  Colombianos / Tora Martens, Sweden-Finland
7.  Fire in the Blood / Dylan Mohan Gray, India-UK
8.  First Comes Love / Nina Davenport, USA
9.  First Position / Bess Kargman, USA
10.  Food for Love / Marianna Economou, Greece
11.  Forget Me Not / David Sieveking, Germany
12.  Hippie-Hippie Matala! Matala! / Yorgos Varelas, Greece
13.  Hungry Minds / Beatrix Schwehm, Germany
14.  Indian Summer / Simon Brook, France
15.  Intersexion / Grant Lahood, New Zealand
16.  Mulberry Child / Susan Morgan Cooper, USA
17.  Outlawed in Pakistan / Habiba Nosheen, Hilke Schellmann, Pakistan-USA
18.  Parts of a Family / Diego Gutierrez, Netherlands, Mexico
19.  Private Universe / Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic
20.  Roughcut / Eliana Abravanel, Greece
21.  The Captain and His Pirate / Andy Wolff, Germany-Belgium
22.  The Children Next Door / Doug Block, USA
23.  The Flowers of My Family / Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe, Uruguay
24.  The Immortals at the Southern Point of Europe / Yiorgos Moustakis, Nikos Labot, Greece-Norway
25.  The Imposter / Bart Layton, UK-Spain-USA
26.  The Invisible War / Kirby Dick, USA
27.  The Invisibles / Sebastien Lifshitz, France
28.  The Machine which Makes Everything Disappear / Tinatin Gurchiani, Georgia-Germany
29.  The Staircase II – The Last Chance / Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, France
30.  They Glow in the Dark / Panayotis Evangelidis, Greece
31.  Valentine Road / Marta Cunningham, USA
32.  White Black Boy / Camilla Magid, Denmark
33.  Who Will Be a Gurkha / Kesang Tseten, Nepal-Norway-Finland-UK
34.  Wrong Time Wrong Place / John Appel, The Netherlands
35.  Βad Βoy – High Security Cell / Janusz Mrozowski, France-Poland
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