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Rob Fruchtman

2002 Sister Helen (co-direction: Rebecca Cammisa)
2004 Trust Me (TV)
2007 Seeing Proof (short)
2009 So Close (fiction)
2012 Sweet Dreams (co-direction)

Lisa Fruchtman

2012 Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams / Rob Fruchtman, Lisa Fruchtman

The story of the women of Ingoma Nshya, the first women’s drumming troupe in Rwanda, and their efforts to create the country’s first locally owned ice cream shop, Inzozi Nziza (Sweet Dreams). In 1994, Rwandans suffered one of the worst genocides in history. Ten years later, Kiki Katese, a pioneering theater director, founded Ingoma Nshya, offering healing for women from both sides of the conflict. All are survivors of the genocide. Some lost their families; others are wives or children of perpetrators. In 2008, Kiki met Jennie and Alexis, the owners of Brooklyn’s Blue Marble Ice Cream Shop and invited them to help Ingoma Nshya open the country’s first local ice cream shop. Ice cream, she argued, was both a new way to create desperately needed jobs and a source and symbol of joy in a country emerging from tragedy. Sweet Dreams follows this remarkable group of Rwandan women as they create their own unique path to a future of peace and possibility.

Director:Rob Fruchtman, Lisa Fruchtman
Cinematography:Rob Fruchtman, Lex Fletcher
Editing:Rob Fruchtman, Lisa Fruchtman
Sound:Rob Fruchtman
Producer:Rob Fruchtman, Lisa Fruchtman
Production:Liro Films, USA Lisa Fruchtman, Rob Fruchtman T.+1 917 312 4949 F.+1 212 675 6121
Format:HDCam Color
Production Country:USA
Production Year:2012
World Sales:CAT&Docs, France Catherine Le Clef T. +33 1 4459 6353
HBO Films Producer Award – Savannah FF 2012, USA
Screening Schedule
OLYMPION:Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 20:30 | ID:116
JOHN CASSAVETES:Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 22:30 | ID:258
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