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Kersti Grunditz

2003 Väntan/Suspended State (short)
2005 Romanen är Kung!/The Novel is King
2008 Drottningen av Svartvattnet/The Queen of Bleckwater
2009 Konstnärinnan på avd 22/The Artist in Ward 22 (co-direction: Maud Nycander)
2010 Quiet Rage (short)
2013 The Man Behind the Throne

The Man Behind the Throne / Kersti Grunditz

Millions of people know his work, but do we know the man behind the groundbreaking dance performances of Michael Jackson and Madonna? His name is Vincent Paterson. As he looks back at his career with humor, insight and great stories, Paterson now has to tackle his greatest challenge to date: creating the spectacular Viva Elvis show for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, requiring the biggest stage sets ever built. With extraordinary access to many well known clips from his career (including Michael Jackson and Madonna) and the Viva Elvis, production, The Man Behind the Throne is a riveting and entertaining portrait of a wonderful man who changed modern dance single-handedly.

Director:Kersti Grunditz
Script:Kersti Grunditz
Cinematography:Nicklas Karpaty
Editing:Jesper Osmund, Kersti Grunditz
Sound:Christian Christiensen
Music:Cecilia Öhrwall
Producer:Anita Oxburgh
Production:Migma Film AB, Sweden T. +46 705 747 957
Format:HDCam Color
Production Country:Sweden
Production Year:2013
World Sales:Films Transit, USA Jan Rofekamp T. +1 514 844 3358 F. +1 514 844 7298
International Premiere
Screening Schedule
STAVROS TORNES:Friday, March 22, 2013 - 20:30 | ID:766
TONIA MARKETAKI:Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 22:30 | ID:937
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