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Mikala Krogh

1996 Epilogue (co-direction: Sara Bro)
2004 Min morfars morder - En film om tilgivelse/my Grandad’s murderer
2006 Beths dagbog/Beth’s Diary (short)
2008 Alt er relativt/Everything Is Relative
2009 Cities on Speed - Cairo Garbage/Cairo Garbage
2011 Sådan er søskende – mig og min tvilling/Siblings for Better or Worse – Me and my Twin

Danish Docs

Me and My Twin / Mikala Krogh

Cecilie and Katrine are identical twins. They are starting in a new school after the holidays, but in separate classes. that’s what they’ve decided, since they want to try to make new friends each one on her own. The twins used to resemble each other like two drops of water, but after Cecilie got cancer they do not look much alike anymore. Mainly because Cecilie has lost her hair from the medicine she has to take. Cecilie and Katrine are both nervous about how it’s going to go – and the first big questions are whether Katrine will wear a jumpsuit to school and if Cecilie should wear a wig or a cap. They are both excited when the first day of school day arrives. (The film is part of the documentary series Siblings - For Better or Worse.)

Director:Mikala Krogh
Cinematography:Adam Philp, Mikala Krogh
Editing:Cathrine Ambus
Sound:Morten Green
Music:Asger & Peder
Producer:Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde, Henrik Underbjerg, Stefan Frost
Production:Radiator Film ApS, Denmark
Type:HDCAM Color
Production Country:Denmark
Production Year:2011
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