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Portraits: Human Journeys

The human factor is the dominant element in this segment, where life, everyday reality and multiple historical and cultural fluctuations decisively affect the narrative. Unique personal stories which either stand out from the mainstream as special cases, or use isolated examples as a vehicle to penetrate the unknown world of smaller communities or minorities.

1.  CALVET / Dominic Allan, UK
2.  Die Standing Up / Jacaranda Correa, Mexico
3.  Hit the Road, Granny / Duccio Chiarini, Italy
4.  I Am Not a Rock Star / Bobbi Jo Hart, Canada
5.  In a Stranger’s Skin / Christophe Hermans, Belgium
6.  Inbetweener / Erik Bäfving, Sweden
7.  Katinoula / Myrna Tsapa, Greece
8.  Love Always, Carolyn – A Story about Kerouac, Cassady and Me / Maria Ramström, Malin Korkeasalo, Sweden
9.  Noosfera / Ileana Stanculescu, Artchil Khetagouri, Romania
10.  Sayome / Nikos Dayandas, Greece
11.  Stavroula / Ira Dika, Greece
12.  Sultan Ahmed Has Awoken / Nicos Lygouris
13.  The Blind Fisherman / Stratis Voyatzis, Thekla Malamou, Greece
14.  The King / Dejan Aćimović, Croatia
15.  The Old Grifter / Delphine Hallis, France
16.  Μy Name is Stelios / Yannis Kaspiris, Greece
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