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Recordings Of Memory

The films of the Recordings of Memory segment deal with events and people who have played a significant role in the shaping of contemporary reality, and are a living part of history. A selection of daring and diverse cinematic approaches to the always hazardous and demanding process that is the creation of a historical documentary, thus offering a multifaceted portrait of history. The main focus of the segment’s films is the broadening of personal and collective memory, and the understanding of the past and, therefore, the present.

1.  By-standing and Standing-by / Fofo Terzidou, Greece
2.  Children of the Gulag / Romain Icard, France
3.  Five Broken Cameras / Guy Davidi, Emad Burnat, France-Israel-Palestine
4.  Hitler’s Children / Chanoch Ze’evi, Israel
5.  Letters from Iran / Manon Loizeau, France
6.  Sharing an island / Danae Stylianou, Cyprus
7.  The Loving Story / Nancy Buirski, USA
8.  The Young Butler / Marcela Said, Jean de Certeau, Chile
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