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Adam Larsen

2010 Neurotypical

How I Am: Challenging Perceptions

Neurotypical / Adam Larsen

What is the standard that identifies one person as whole and capable and another as disabled and broken? Neurotypical includes, among the many voices of autistics, those who take exception to the notion of being “cured” and those who offer, through their very lives, a view of what fulfillment might look like. Neurotypical parallels the lives of three individuals on the autism spectrum, each facing a pivotal stage of growth. Violet, 3 years old, is absorbing the sensory world and learning ways to navigate through it; Nicholas, a teenager, is coming to terms with his diagnosis and his identity; and Paula, newly diagnosed, balances her autism advocacy work with the demands of homeschooling her son and sorting out a disintegrating marriage. By exploring the behavioral and perceptual differences that autistics express – differences that tend to separate them from a society that both sets the standard and attempts to have them meet it – the definition of “normal” comes into question. Neurotypical ultimately broadens the concept of what it means to be human.

Director:Adam Larsen
Cinematography:Adam Larsen
Editing:Adam Larsen
Music:Michael Wall, Darren Morze
Producer:Ronald Sigurd Larsen, Linda Iraggi Larsen
Production:Hum-Bar, USA T.+1 828 280 0626 adam@hum-bar.com
Format:Digibeta Color
Production Country:USA
Production Year:2010
World Sales:Adam Larsen, USA T. +1 828 280 0626 adam@hum-bar.com www.neuro-typical.com
Screening Schedule
FRIDA LIAPPA:Saturday, March 12, 2011 - 20:30
FRIDA LIAPPA:Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 23:00


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